Here are the steps involved in configuring the Azure AD authorization: Go to the Windows Admin Centre Settings and click on Access. You should find the option for toggling the switch to Use Azure Active Directory to add a layer of security to the gateway. Make sure you have registered the gateway to Azure. If you have not done that already, you.

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I'm noticing multiple Bitlocker recovery keys on some of my laptops (all running Win 1909 and Hybrid domain joined). Bitlocker was deployed via Configuration Profiles in Intune and the keys are set to backup to Azure AD . When I go to Azure AD ,.

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Back on the hybrid Azure AD joined device, automatic enrollment is attempted roughly every five minutes, and sure enough, the errors are replaced in Event Viewer by informational events. Key among these, event 72: MDM enroll: succeeded. To sum up, errors 0x80192ee7, 0xcaa70004, and 0x82aa0008 for Intune enrolment were, in this case, DNS.

Automatically join devices to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Active Directory (via Hybrid Azure AD Join) at the same time. Auto-enroll devices into Microsoft Intune. Install all company applications from Intune Portal. Silently encrypt the local drive with BitLocker and store recovery key in Azure AD. In this guide, we cover how to deploy and configure Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) capabilities to support your Zero Trust security strategy. For simplicity, this document will focus on ideal deployments and configuration. We will call out the integrations that need Microsoft products other than Azure AD and we will note the licensing needed. Selecting all of the instances, then right-clicking and selecting Retire/Wipe, then Selectively wipe the device, seemed to do the trick. After a few minutes I was able to delete the orphaned devices in Intune, then a few minutes later I was able to successfully join Azure AD and the computer was automatically re-enrolled in Intune (Windows 10 MDM).

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1. I have tried applying BitLocker policies after Autopilot is completed and it worked fine. Recovery keys were backed up to Azure AD as well as AD. 2. When I turn off BitLocker policies, encryption was not started on the machine.n. 3. I have tried decrypting drives and synced the policies again then it went fine. 4. So when you join a device to Azure AD and enable BitLocker, in the process the option to save the BitLocker Key is presented. It is recommended that you opt for the "Save to Cloud Domain Account". ... 2021 · We can run a fairly simple command to push the removable drive recovery keys up into Azure Active Directory where they are associated. Catch #1 The first catch is, we need to have the user store the recovery key somewhere beforehand in order to encrypt the key. This can be as a file or printed. There is likely a way to capture this from the get go but I haven't worked on that yet. Catch #2.

I am joining devices with Autopilot and the devices I am testing have multiple Bitlocker passwords saved to the device info in Azure AD. I am joining these devices to Azure only. I logged into the device as an admin and got the prompt that the device requires encryption. I ran the encryption process and that all ran fine, saved key to cloud.

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